We are a company who make ideas come to life.

Unreal Ideas is a full service interactive design and development company. We have been in business since the beginning stages of the Internet as a digital marketing agency.

We have an extensive knowledge and experience and have become a strategic integral partner to many Fortune 500 companies. Our passion and dedication to our craft has helped us excel in our industry.

Our client list includes globally and nationally recognized brands in a wide range of industries. We provide consulting, strategy and execution for all aspects of our clients' interactive marketing and advertising initiatives, including strategy, creative, design, video, development, application development, deployment, management and fulfillment automation.

Why we are different from the rest

There are plenty of designers & agencies out there to choose from, but very few who can match our high standards and extensive knowledge. We're a talented and creative group of people who are passionate about what we do. We work hard and strive to be the best. Our company culture is fun, hard working, inspiring, innovative, and obsessed with delivering top level results for each client.

Everyone is different too.

We create strategies and design solutions for you. Prospective clients frequently ask us if we have a specific technology that we to use to deliver results. Our system is very simple. Every client and project is different. We focus on your needs and business objectives to create solutions to achieve your goals and maximize your business potential. We DO NOT take a cookie cutter approach like many other companies when it comes to our clients. We believe in innovation and creating something special for our clients. We’re committed to helping each client grow and excel in his or her business.

How we measure success

We are passionate and we really care about all of our clients. There is no "quick solution" in top-level results, and we understand that the only way to achieve the best possible results is to truly invest in our clients. We don't measure out success with monetary figures. The level of satisfaction and WOW factor we get from our clients gauges our success. We believe that if our clients succeed, we succeed with them.

Your Strategic Partnerships

We have successfully created long-term relationships and have become a strategic partner to many global companies. We get to know you, learn your practices and become part of your team. Our passion for our clients doesn't end on each project. We follow through with results and learn from our experiences. We treat your business objectives like our own and strive to take you to the next level.

Being Innovative

Being innovative is about breaking barriers, defying the conventional wisdom. Many other firms peddle the same services and offer up the latest current buzzwords in the industry. We focus on bringing a bold new approach and ideas that generate measurable results. Innovative measurable results are what have helped many of our clients achieve a competitive advantage. We strive to be forward thinkers so we can help our clients be leaders in their industry.

Why you should work with us.

Here are a few reasons why you should give us a call now if you're thinking about working with us.

  • We are very approachable
  • We have unmatched ideas
  • We are professional but friendly
  • We jump through hoops for EVERY client
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience
  • We come highly recommended
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